About Us

Hours of Operation

Course: 7am-Dark
Clubhouse: 7am-7pm

Course Owners

Sam and Jinny Sammis

General Manager

Jess Poljacik

Course Superintendant

Andy Wass


Rules and Regulations

  • All players must register in the pro shop at least 15 minutes prior to starting time.
  • Players are expected to follow golf etiquette regarding divots and repairing ball marks on greens.
  • Every player must have a set of clubs.
  • Casual and comfortable dress at Montague Golf Club is encouraged. Collared shirts, turtle necks, mock turtle necks, or semi-mocks required. T-shirts, beachwear, gym shorts, tank tops, and cutoffs are not allowed on the golf course.
  • Please respect the Starter and Ranger. They are doing their jobs according to the guidelines established by Montague Golf Club, LLC. Failure to cooperate with the Starter and Ranger may result in removal from the golf course or termination of privileges.
  • Motorized golf carts may be operated by licensed drivers only, and are subject to rules and regulations on the golf cart rental agreement.
  • Carts are for use on the regulation (hole 1-18) golf course. Please return carts to the designated cart area after play. Carts must be returned in the same condition as when rented.
  • No golf carts are allowed on any greens unless there is a special exception by the pro shop.
  • Please obey all directional signs and stay on cart paths where and when indicated especially around tees and greens.
  • More than two (2) riders or bags per cart is prohibited.
  • A single player will be paired up with another group whenever possible; and singles and twosomes will be matched into foursomes, whenever possible.
  • Any players who discontinue to play after 9 holes will forfeit their position on the golf course. A short stop at the clubhouse is acceptable as long as your group does not lose its position.
  • No more than four players to a group unless permission has been given by the pro shop.* No practicing is allowed on the golf course proper. There is a driving range, practice greens, and putting holes available.
  • Prolonged looking for golf balls on the course is prohibited. Please observe the “five minute” rule. Balls deemed lost are considered to be the property of Montague Golf Club, LLC.